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65 Degrees and Thankful

Emily NicolettiComment

Wednesday was the best day.

I say that lightly, because I have been such a crazy person these days that I just swing from being really bummed (and often sick), to super peppy and happy--in an instant.

So, Wednesday wasn't necessarily the best day because of anything in particular that happened on Wednesday. Actually, it started out pretty rough when I woke up not feeling well after a night of hardly any sleep. So I went right back to sleep, prematurely accepting the defeat of a sick day. 

I got back up a little later, and started to get ready for the day... And oh, how the tides changed. It was 65 degrees outside, and I got out my favorite Rainbow flip flops out of my closet for the first time in months. As I drove to the doctor's office in my Rainbows, with my sunroof open and country music cranked up loud, my heart felt like it was going to burst with gratitude. Now, I know that it might be unusual to be so exuberant while driving to get my hips X-rayed, because of the major hip pain I was still at the moment experiencing, but there was something about the sunshine and fresh air that just lifted my spirit.

65 Degrees and Thankful

The lady at the radiology check-in desk told me I'd have to wait an hour, which gave me an excuse to go right back outside. Josh says we are Vitamin D deficient. Maybe that's why vacuuming my car at a gas station while I waited for an appointment felt like such a treat. I was still in the sun, after all.

After I finally had said X-ray done, I hit the grocery store and loaded up with food for my major crock pot freezer meal cooking session yesterday (thank you, Pinterest). Grocery shopping is also not usually such an exciting task, but I actually find it relaxing. Anyway, once the groceries were put away, I sat outside and got a bit of work and reading done. It was supposed to rain in the afternoon, but it hadn't, and I received the extra hours of light like a precious gift.

Josh got home from work while I was sitting outside, and before he was even able to put his things down or change out of his "business casual", I set in on convincing him to go for a bike ride. Exhausted from my sick/sleepless night beforehand and a busy day at work, he was understandably overwhelmed by my enthusiasm, but he was a good sport and agreed to forgo his nap for a bike ride. Love him.

bike ride 2-20-14.jpg

A beautiful evening bike ride, leftovers for dinner (no cooking heyyyyy), and getting to be with our wonderful friends from our small group in the evening made for a perfect end to the day.

Josh was laughing at me, saying I was like a puppy dog who was finally let out of the house. Which is not a bad analogy. I've been sick/in pain more often than not this year due to some mystery medical issues, but sometimes the good days come, and I can't help but feel overjoyed--with such simple things as vacuuming my car and going to the grocery store. 

And that is what I am thankful for. For even after a year of spending more time cooped up in bed than I would ever wish on anyone, there are still really simple, sweet, good days. I am learning to be grateful in the small things, and that is a lesson I wouldn't trade. I want to choose this kind of joy even on the dreary, rainy, days when I don't feel well and am stuck inside. I will choose to rejoice and be glad in this day--no matter what it holds.