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Lindsey's Bachelorette Party at the Cabin

Emily NicolettiComment

Well, blogosphere, it's time for you to meet Lindsey, my best friend and roommate through all four years at JMU.

Just before freshman year of college, Lindsey and I got paired up to be roommates through a pretty random friend-of-a-friend connection. Who would have known that this girl would turn out to be THE BEST ROOMMATE EVER and my lifelong friend? I could not be more grateful.

And now Miss Linds is getting married on Saturday! So last weekend, we got together at a cabin in the woods near her hometown in Botetourt, VA to celebrate our friend. Obviously, this was not a typical "dress up and go out dancing" bachelorette party, but it was so perfect for Linds.

My sweet husband drove us out there after work on Friday. Bless him. I am so thankful for Josh's willingness to make sure I stay connected to my friends. Conveniently, Lindsey's brother-in-law is one of his good friends from college, so he was able to have some guy time too.

Between the incredible cabin that the Forbes' friends so generously let us use, to the awesome weather, to the boys helping set up a skeet shoot, to Linds' many sweet friends (and all-star MOH Whitney), it was really a great weekend. We are so excited for you and Matt, Linds! Love you so much!