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Seaside-Inspired Branding: Haddy Ever After

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...And you thought my return to the blogosphere would never last ;) Well, I'm back again! With another exciting update on some recent work!

When I rebranded Emily Nicoletti Design to be The Creative Swell, I did so to really hone in on my "niche" and attract more like-minded clients who appreciate my particular style. When Katelyn Hadder from Haddy Ever After got in touch about creating a logo for her new wedding planning venture, I was thrilled! (If her name is ringing a bell, it's probably because she was the master-mind coordinator of the dreamy coastal styled shoot in my previous blog!) She was using words like "coastal", "airy", "light", and "calm", so I knew instantly that we'd be a good fit!

When I asked Katelyn to make a Pinterest board with some photos, colors, and images that resonated with her, she came up with a gorgeous collection of images!! I pulled from that Pinterest board to create her inspiration board, which I think we both were pretty stinkin' excited to see come together!

Inspiration boards serve as the first "visual checkpoint" with my clients. They've already filled out a detailed questionnaire telling me all about their business and their preferences, but that Pinterest board they make is where it really starts to come together... A picture really is worth a thousand words! Katelyn pinned about 30 images which I could tell all really spoke to her personal sense of style, and then I got to go through and create an even smaller collection that represented the specific colors, textures, and "vibes" that would really define the brand moving forward. I love that inspiration boards feel like such a collaborative piece of art by the time they are done. The inspiration board is the first step in taking those ideas floating around in the client's mind and solidifying them into a cohesive piece. It is seriously so exciting to share an inspiration board with a client because it feels like something we made together!

From there, we went through a few rounds of designs until we landed on something Katelyn felt really "fit". I love the creative process and refining ideas and concepts until we come up with a design that works! I think it's totally perfect for the vibe of Haddy Ever After and the type of bride with whom Katelyn works. What do you think?? I'd love to know!

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Make sure to check out Haddy Ever After Events, and read Katelyn's blog post about the process from her perspective! 

Lauren Simmons Photography: Rustic Modern Branding

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Time for another design update! A while back, I shared some of my original concepts for my friend Lauren's photography business. Well, she's got her website up and running, and she did a great job with it. And today I am excited to share with you her final branding board! I love what we were able to come up with!

Lauren was so great to work with. She is one of the most friendly and likeable people you'll ever meet--and super artistic and talented! She knew exactly the aesthetic she was going for, which she describes as "rustic modern". What's not to love? It was so fun to see her brand come to life, especially because she is getting married this spring, and I got to play with a million different ways to showcase her new last name :) Thank you for letting me work on this with you, Lauren! Check out her logo in action at Lauren Simmons Photography, and keep her in mind next time you need a photographer!