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Lindsey's Bachelorette Party at the Cabin

Emily NicolettiComment

Well, blogosphere, it's time for you to meet Lindsey, my best friend and roommate through all four years at JMU.

Just before freshman year of college, Lindsey and I got paired up to be roommates through a pretty random friend-of-a-friend connection. Who would have known that this girl would turn out to be THE BEST ROOMMATE EVER and my lifelong friend? I could not be more grateful.

And now Miss Linds is getting married on Saturday! So last weekend, we got together at a cabin in the woods near her hometown in Botetourt, VA to celebrate our friend. Obviously, this was not a typical "dress up and go out dancing" bachelorette party, but it was so perfect for Linds.

My sweet husband drove us out there after work on Friday. Bless him. I am so thankful for Josh's willingness to make sure I stay connected to my friends. Conveniently, Lindsey's brother-in-law is one of his good friends from college, so he was able to have some guy time too.

Between the incredible cabin that the Forbes' friends so generously let us use, to the awesome weather, to the boys helping set up a skeet shoot, to Linds' many sweet friends (and all-star MOH Whitney), it was really a great weekend. We are so excited for you and Matt, Linds! Love you so much!


Babies and Besties

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Sometimes, your friends get pregnant. And it's a little surreal, but very exciting. And then you finally see them with a baby bump, and it gets even more exciting. And you get to wander through Target and try not to buy every single precious baby thing you see for the shower.

But Diane is my sister. And not in the way that it's like, "We're BFFs and we're so close we're basically sisters." I truly love Diane as my sister, and I am so thankful for the wonderful, hilarious, and even tough times that we have shared.

Diane and I met when she was in high school and I was her Young Life leader. I remember liking her instantly. Through the years, I've gotten to live with her, go on adventures with her, and have her stand by me at my wedding. And now my sweet sister is all grown up... The high school sophomore girl I met on a bike ride through Bridgewater is now Mrs. Kalinchuk and mama to sweet Baby Kate. I could not be more proud or excited to become an aunt :)

Saturday was such a treat--hanging out in Harrisonburg with a few of my many college housemates (we lived in a big, old, dirty, beautiful house called Narnia, and this is only like half of us.) Getting to share a day with Narnians (and other Valley friends), showering Diane and Kate with love and gifts brought such joy to my spirit. We can't wait to meet you, Baby Kate!