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Thanksgiving & "Friendsgiving" Decorations

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Hello hello, and happy Monday! I'm kicking off my regular blogging today with a quick look into our weekend!

DIY Thanksgiving Banner from The Creative Swell

My dear friend Ashley had the wonderful idea of hosting a Friendsgiving celebration this year. We agreed to co-host, although other than for contributing the turkey and a few little hand-made signs, I can't take much credit for how well everything came together. As always, I brought my camera, took a few quick photos, sat the camera down, and promptly and forgot about it. BUT I'm bound and determined to be better about sharing the little projects I do here and there, so here are a few  photos! Scroll to the bottom for a DIY banner for your own Thanksgiving celebration!

Friendsgiving Decorations from The Creative Swell
Friendsgiving Decorations from The Creative Swell

I threw together a few little signs to label the hot drinks, including hot chocolate, regular, and spiked apple cider. We all agreed that (unsurprisingly), the spiked cider was the most popular choice :)

Friendsgiving Decorations from The Creative Swell

Ashley put together a sign-up page through Perfect Potluck, which I had never used before. It was a great way to both divvy up the sides and keep tabs on who was planning to join us. There was quite a spread of food, and so many tasty and different options.

Friendsgiving Decorations from The Creative Swell
Friendsgiving Decorations from The Creative Swell

I also made a quick, simple "thankful" banner which we hung above all of those tasty pies and desserts! SO simple to do... So I made you a free printable and put together some instructions for you to make your own!

  1. Click here to download the template.
  2. Print. If you want your banner to look like mine, print the first two pages on red paper, and the second two on brown.
  3. Fill in the letters with gold metallic Sharpie, or you can even use some metallic craft paint.
  4. Cut out the shapes.
  5. Lay the letters out face-down on a table (backwards so they read correctly when flipped upright), and lay bakers twine or yarn straight across the tops of each piece. Use regular tape to secure the twine to the paper.
  6. Hang your banner! That's it!